Do you Know hOw Much Equity You Have in Your Home?

Bottom Line: If you’re a homeowner, your net worth has gotten a big boost. That’s because recent home price appreciation has increased your equity. Your equity grows as you pay down your loan and as your home increases in value. Over the past year, the average homeowner’s equity grew by $55,300. Ready to sell? Let’s connect to talk about how you can use that […]


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Owners Get Real About Home Values

Article Source: DAILY REAL ESTATE NEWS   The gap between homeowners’ and appraisers’ perceptions on the value of properties is continuing to close. Homeowners, in general, still tend to slightly overestimate the price of their home, but not by nearly as much as they did a year ago. Home appraisals were, on average, 0.5 percent lower […]

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How to Survive a Bidding War

Let’s face it, the home-buying process is stressful. Factor in incredibly competitive market conditions and you may need to book a week at the spa just to get through the next open house. Never fear, here are a few tried-and-true tips that have helped clients’ offers come out on top — even in the most […]

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Understanding Your Contractor

By: ClientDirect On average, a homeowner in the U.S. spends $5,000 annually on home improvement projects. That’s a lot of contractors and conversations that could go the wrong way if you don’t understand “contractor lingo.” Here are tips to help you be successful with your next renovation project. When He Says Nothing At All Like […]

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