If these walls could talk…. (updated)

Now that the dust has settled with the house and the Mills Act contract has been approved, it is time to start prioritizing other projects- the sidewalk, curb, and driveway apron need to be replaced, the lot needs to be landscaped, the patio needs to be tiled, the permitted structure in the back needs to […]


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If These Walls Could Talk…

The house welcomed new owners in 1926.  The Taylors would keep it in the family until 1944.  One of these days I will do some research on this family and share tidbits of their history with you.  Work is coming along nicely, we are about six weeks out from final sign-off by the City!  Notice the new […]

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If These Walls Could Talk..

This little house would change hands quite a bit early in its life. The plot thickens sometime in 1924 when the Whitney’s, likely falling on hard times,  transfer ownership to Helyn Trumer Young and then in 1926 she transfers title to Matthews E. Trumer and Myrtle Trumer.  Unfortunately, preliminary research into Helyn’s past leads us to more questions than answers.  It does appears […]

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If These Walls Could Talk

In 1923 Ralph Whitney and his wife Edna purchased the lot and he is listed in the old 1923 directory at the San Diego History Center as living at a nearby address with a profession of “carpenter”.  It is likely that Mr. Whitney built the house as no other builder has been uncovered and it was common in […]

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If These Walls Could Talk

    Well, I guess the house would have to have walls, and actually, at this moment, the house I will be sharing with you has lost her interior walls (thanks to Mark Visocky General Contractor and his top-notch demolition team).  So, let’s take a step back in time to when my new/old house did have walls shall we? It […]

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