How to Save Water in Your Home

From the City of San Diego  Most people aren’t aware of how many gallons of water the average household uses each week. In San Diego, a typical household uses around 14 hundred cubic feet (HCF) of water a month (more in the summer, less in the winter.) One HCF of water is equal to 748 […]

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If These Walls Could Talk…

The house welcomed new owners in 1926.  The Taylors would keep it in the family until 1944.  One of these days I will do some research on this family and share tidbits of their history with you.  Work is coming along nicely, we are about six weeks out from final sign-off by the City!  Notice the new […]

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The Thawing Out of Foreclosures

I am frequently asked, “Where have all the foreclosures gone?” and run into people still expecting vast loads of this “shadow inventory” to hit the market. I thought I would share some timely information on the foreclosure market. Thank you to Roger Cruzen for these excerpts from C.A.R Magazine June/July 2012. Federal officials hailed it as a major […]

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How Much of Your Income Goes to Housing?

  Information courtesy of the California Association of REALTORS (CAR) A new study by the Center for Housing Policy, entitled Housing Landscape 2012, found that the share of working households paying more than half their income for housing rose significantly between 2008 and 2010 for both renters and owners.  This annual report explored the latest Census […]

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