The Sun is Shining on Solar

The market for photovoltaic installations is hot, creating opportunities for home sellers and buyers. How much value does a solar installation add to a property? It’s a question increasingly on the minds of consumers who are interested in the cost-benefit analysis of residential solar installations, also known as photovoltaic systems. If you haven’t already sold […]

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How to Best Navigate New Color Trends

Bold, saturated colors are back after years of calm beiges, soothing grays, and varied whites dominating the interior design scene. What’s a homeowner to do? Article from New York Times For years, homeowners and their real estate professionals have walked a fine line between current interior trends and choosing a neutral palette that attracts the […]

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Where Does My Loan Payment Go

Article from: Steve Crisci–MDC Financial Group Many new homebuyers are surprised, once their purchase is complete, to find themselves in a financial relation­ship with an entity they did not choose, cannot fire, and with whom the partner­ship could be fleeting or endure for the life of their mortgage loan. That entity is part of an […]

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