What Would You Put in Your Time Capsule?

With all the gardening folks are doing these days to keep busy during the pandemic, it was only a matter of time until something like this happened….my clients were digging in the front yard of their Kensington home when their shovel hit something hard.  They were so surprised when they pulled out a time capsule (see slideshow below) that was placed there in 1966!  With some help from neighbors they were actually able to locate the gentleman that placed it there as a child. He actually then stopped by the house for a visit which was fun and interesting for both parties.

When I renovated my 1920’s home, my contractor asked me if I wanted to place a time capsule somewhere.  The idea had not even occurred to me though I have had clients find interesting items in their older homes. I did indeed place a little something in the walls of my house…

What about you?  Have you ever placed or found a time capsule?  I would love to hear your stories! Just send me an email or call 619-888-2117. And if you want to learn about how to create one- here is some helpful info– fun for kids and adults alike- enjoy!

Lisa Ashkins, MA, CNE – Broker Associate, DRE#01764182
Coldwell Banker West