2020 San Diego Real Estate Market Forecast

It is hard to avoid talk about a recession with the slowing pace of economic growth and the widespread expectation that the lengthy economic expansion, which began in 2009, is nearing its end. National Association of REALTORS ® Chief Economist Lawrence Yun says however, a recession is unlikely in the year ahead, “We expect 2020 will be a year of slower growth but not a recession year. However, an all-out trade war would lead to an economic downturn in every country, including the U.S.”, he says.

What factors are we anticipating in the coming year?

  • Low unemployment
  • Slow economic growth
  • Low mortgage rates 
  • Modest improvement in housing supply and sales
  • Modest improvement in median price

Here is a snapshot provided by the California Association of Realtors ®

What this means for Buyers:

  • Low mortgage rates + slow increase in prices = better affordability
  • It still can be more cost effective to own vs rent

What this means for Sellers:

  • Equity is still building so selling can mean capturing that equity and putting it toward a move-up, relocation, or retirement.
  • With low inventory, Buyers may be lining up to purchase your property on good terms.

P.S. There is no such thing as a bad market. Markets go up and down. Plan for it and you will succeed

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