Increase the Value of Your Home

Photo by p_kennedy123

Why use “home staging” as a tool to sell your home?  It’s simple.  Staging is great way to allow a would-be Buyer to imagine themselves in a potential new home.

Putting the house on the market is not enough. It is important to dress up the property to attract the right Buyer and it should be clean, in good shape and attractive. In conjunction with the work that I do with Sellers to prepare their listing for market, I also work with clients to make a great impression on Buyers with the proper staging of the house. The track record for employing “home staging” is impressive – professionally staged homes can sell 50% faster and increase purchase price by 6% more than the homes that are on the market without the attention to detail that “home staging” requires.  

Basic Elements:

  • Get rid of the clutter.
  • Move out the large furniture that can make the rooms appear smaller.
  • Closets? You’ll want to empty out most of the clothes and maybe go so far as to finding some new clothes to ‘stage’ in an organized, uniform fashion.  Shoes should be placed in boxes and stacked neatly.
  • Linen closets should look organized as in a retail store and everything should look and smell fresh.
  • The bedrooms should be dressed up with new, updated accessories including bed sheets and coverings.
  • Bathrooms should have new, plush towels and the counter space cleared of all personal effects.
  • All windows should be cleaned.

Feel free to contact me for more tips and strategies to properly – and successfully – “stage” your home.  I always advise and guide my clients through the ‘staging’ part of the process because it is sometimes essential to selling the property.

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