How to Sell Your Home During the Holidays



Wondering how to sell your home during the holidays? While putting your home on the market between winter celebrations, school vacations, and looming family visits might seem like miserable timing, sellers could actually benefit by using this period strategically to show and sell their place.

Here’s why: Many home sellers take a holiday hiatus until the New Year—and that could mean that your house may suddenly become a hot commodity. Plus, if buyers are truly squeezing in home showings between shopping trips and holiday recitals, you know they must be serious.

So if you’re ready to put up a “For Sale” sign under the cheery glow of your holiday lights, go right ahead! Here’s some advice on how to sell your home during the holidays.

Deck your halls…

A little mistletoe will likely help rather than hurt… but don’t go overboard.

Throw a party

Yes, you have a to-do list that stretches from here until Valentine’s Day. But consider squeezing in the time to host a holiday party anyway. This can be a great way to showcase your house to friends, family, and neighbors. Chances are that at least one person at the party is looking for a new home, or knows someone who is.

Preheat your oven

It’s wonderful for potential buyers to walk into a home that smells of fresh-baked cookies, sweets, and holiday cakes. You can sweeten them up a tad more by leaving a plate of treats out for them to enjoy.

Don’t encourage thieves

Although most people are wishing peace on Earth and goodwill, not everybody will take that message to heart. So, play it safe and don’t leave gifts (particularly expensive ones) under a holiday tree during a showing. Consider leaving empty decorative boxes instead.

Let your house shine

The days have never been darker or shorter, so to ensure your house gives off a warm, comfy vibe replace some of your lights with brighter bulbs to add more light for evening showings.

Give a little

As in, give a little more time than you might if you were selling at a different, less frenetic time of year. Be prepared to let people into your home even when it’s not convenient for you. Everyone doesn’t celebrate the same holidays, so you may be asked to show on days you normally wouldn’t want to.

Use bad weather in your favor

If it’s raining, have umbrellas handy for people to look at outside areas. (shoe covers by the front door are a nice touch).

Pour yourself a glass of eggnog and relax


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