Calculator Offers Water Insights



Most San Diego County residents realize that water conservation is important, but that doesn’t make the job any easier.

In fact, the numbers on water bills typically provide only the most general sense of whether use is going up or down, without the kind of details that would help make decisions about specific ways to improve water-use efficiency.

That’s where the online Water Calculator comes in. This tool, provided by the San Diego County Water Authority with a grant from the Hans and Margaret Doe Charitable Trust, gives homeowners a breakdown of water use at their properties and suggests ways to boost efficiency.

It takes just a few minutes to follow prompts through the model home and answer questions about your appliances and water-use habits. Using that data, the calculator estimates your annual water consumption and compares that to average and water-efficient homes in your zip code. It also provides tips and resources for trimming water use, for instance, by adding aerators to faucets or replacing a water hog clothes washer.

Learn more about how the water calculator works here.

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