4 Uncommon Financing Strategies

      These loans cater to niche audiences, and if you qualify, they could help you save money on your mortgage. While Federal Housing Administration (FHA) and conventional loans might be touted as the top home financing options, there are many home financing strategies available to those who can meet certain criteria. In fact, […]

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What is Green Remodeling?

  Old or existing homes can be made more energy efficient, by using the best building and design practices, and by incorporating materials that are the least harmful to the environment. Regardless of the project you undertake, think about green remodeling in a larger sense―how each change relates to the house as a whole and […]

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How to Create a Home Inventory

Provided by: MDC Financial Service Group   What would happen if you lost everything in a fire, tornado or another disaster? Homeowners insurance would likely cover your house, but without a comprehensive list of your belongings, you’d have to rely on memory to determine what else was damaged or destroyed. That’s where an inventory of […]

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