Declutter before you move



The end of the year is around the corner. New Year’s resolutions are in draft form. Here’s one resolution item that everyone can manage to accomplish. Declutter.


Moving is the perfect time to go through your belongings and sort out the items you no longer need. After all, why haul unused items to your next place only to have them take up valuable space?

Here are tips to help you declutter your belongings before the big day.

Expired items: Go through everything that can possibly expire — spices, condiments, medications, beauty products — and toss anything past its use-by date.

Well-loved clothing: If it has a tear, a pull, a hole, a stain, or is just faded and old – get rid of it!

One-time-only clothes: This includes bridesmaid dresses and even old Halloween costumes.

Repeat offenders: Do you have 20 black tank tops? Six wine openers? You might not realize it until you line them all up, but this is the time to take stock of duplicates and narrow your supply.

Trivial keepsakes: Many people have sentimental feelings toward greeting cards and wedding invitations. But experts recommend only storing keepsakes that really have true meaning. If it doesn’t, recycle it.

Pens and pencils: Keep just a few and ditch any others that pop up in random drawers and storage bins as you pack.

Unused gadgets: Think about how many times you’ve used your small appliances and gadgets (ice-cream maker, panini press, waffle iron). Once, twice, or never? Say goodbye. If you don’t use it in your current home, you probably never will in your new one, either.

CDs: A digital music library lets you keep all the tunes you love but takes up virtually no physical space.

Old magazines and books: Donate anything you’ve already read (along with anything that’s sat unread for ages) to a local library, nursing home, or family shelter.

Borrowed goods: Designate a “returns” bin as you pack, and throw in anything (books, clothes, pots, pans) that should go back to friends and family.

Items in boxes: If it’s been in a box since your last move, chances are you don’t need it and it will remain in the box at your new home.

Things that don’t fit: Whether they don’t fit you in size, taste or style, if it no longer suits your taste, let it go.

Gifts you’ve been given but have never used: You really aren’t obligated to keep forever everything everyone has ever given you. You can appreciate the person and the sentiment of the gift without actually holding onto the gift indefinitely.

Projects you started years ago and never finished: The table you were going to refinish, the curtains you were going to sew, the bench you were going to paint and recover, and so on. If it hasn’t been high enough on your priority list to finish up before the big move it’s very unlikely to soar to the top of your list now, so scrap it now.

By parting with your unused items before the move, you’ll save time and costs.

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