DIY Summer Home Improvement Projects

Home DIY Projects Summer



By: Maggie Olague, ClientDIRECT™


Summer is a popular time for homeowners to make improvements to their home. With a little patience and a trip or two to the local hardware store, homeowners can change the look of their home while increasing the value of the house with these DIY home improvement projects.

Spruce Up Curb Appeal
Before any visitors or potential buyers down the road will notice home improvements, first they will see the exterior. Update the mailbox and address numbers, trim back shrubs, and add flowers or native plants from the region to dramatically change the appearance of the home. To gain a better perspective on the exterior, stand at the curb facing the house and make note of anything that could be updated. Investing in curb appeal can bring a return of four times what the homeowner spent when selling the house.

Freshen Up the Paint
Get out the paint. Whether it’s touching up a color you already have, or adding a bold accent wall, a fresh coat of paint is one of the quickest and easiest ways to brighten up the house. Before painting, make sure to patch up any holes, no matter how small, and lightly sand the patch work to give the walls a smooth finish.

Illuminating Ideas
Give new light to your home by painting current lighting fixtures or updating lighting fixtures with energy efficient fixtures or ceiling fans. Ceiling fans will not only provide light, but it will create a breeze, while reducing the use of the air conditioning. Before removing any lighting fixtures, turn off the breaker and disconnect the wires.

Revamp the Bathroom
A few minor changes in the bathroom can be advantageous without breaking the bank. Replace outdated noncompliant plumbing fixtures with compliant ones, and update the vanity. Consider adding new linens and accessories to give the bathroom a fresh, new, summery feel.

Spiff Up the Kitchen
Update the kitchen sink and faucet, install a backsplash, and give the cabinets a facelift by re-staining or painting them and changing the hardware to accent the new cabinets. Small changes in the kitchen can change the look of the kitchen. Investing in kitchen improvements can recoup up to 80 percent of the cost when you are ready to sell.

Add Architectural Interest
Crown molding, chair rails, and baseboards add a wow factor to a home and can be easily installed during a weekend home improvement project. Most hardware stores or lumber yards will cut the pieces for you, just be sure to measure and measure again to ensure accuracy. Crown molding won’t increase the value to the house, but will add to the overall appeal and it makes it easier for the homeowner to sell when ready.

Remove Popcorn Ceiling
Popcorn ceilings are outdated. Create a modern, sleek ceiling by removing the popcorn with a soften texture from a local hardware store and scraping the ceilings. If you prefer to have popcorn ceilings, applying a fresh coat of paint to the ceiling will brighten up the room. Although, removing popcorn ceilings won’t increase the value to the house, it will make it easier for you to sell when the time comes.

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