If These Walls Could Talk – Updated



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After completing the house and moving in I am finally catching up on my final “If These Walls Could Talk blog posts”- so sorry for the delay!  Let’s go back to the period of 1944 – 1960 when the Gentilella family took the reigns of the house and then transferred it to the family I purchased it from.  

World War II ends. San Diego soon experiences recession.

San Diego voters approve 2 million dollar bond issue to begin development of Mission Bay.

San Diego assumes responsibility to finance completion of San Diego Aqueduct. Voters approve $2 million water bonds and annexation of County Water Authority to Metropolitan Water District.

George White Marston dies at age of 95.

San Diego Aqueduct opens, bringing first Colorado River water to San Diego.

Palomar Observatory opens in June. Construction on the 200-inch mirror had begun in 1934.

Sit-in at U.S. Grant Hotel to protest racial discrimination.

San Diego’s last electric streetcar completes its run from Union Depot. “Fiesta Bahia” celebrates opening of Mission Bay Park.

City of San Diego population is 333,865. San Diego County population is 556,808.

Passenger service on San Diego & Arizona Railway is discontinued.

Jack in the Box gets its start. Robert O. Peterson opens first drive-through restaurant at 63rd Street and El Cajon Boulevard. Peterson had previously operated Oscars.

California Western University is founded at site of Tingley’s Theosophical Society on Point Loma.

San Diego’s new Public Library opens.

University of San Diego is founded in Linda Vista.

General Dynamics takes over Convair. Campus in San Diego’s La Jolla area proposed for a University of California site.  El Cortez Hotel adds the world’s first outside glass hydraulic elevator, designed by C.J. Paderewski.

June 11, 1957
First test of USAF Atlas A missile is launched, built in San Diego by Convair. First successful test firing occurs on Dec 17, 1957 (on the 54th anniversary of the Wright brothers’ first flight), the missile landing in the target area after a flight of some 500 miles. The first operational missile, the Atlas D, will serve for launching Mercury manned spacecraft into orbit. Atlas becomes the workhorse of the space program, launching John Glenn in Mercury 7 for the nation’s first manned orbital flight in 1962.

Minor League Padres begin playing at Westgate Park in Mission Valley. Theodore Seuss Geisel, long-time La Jolla resident writing as Dr. Seuss, publishes “The Cat in the Hat”, changing the way American children learn to read. He had been given a 225-word list, with a challenge to develop a book which would improve children’s literacy. Winner of the Pulitzer Prize in 1984 and two Academy Awards, Seuss was author and illustrator of 44 children’s books.

Interstate Highway 8 opens in February, following ancient Indian trails through Mission Valley.
Construction begins on San Diego’s second aqueduct.

Billy Wilder’s feature film Some Like it Hot is filmed at the Hotel Del Coronado, starring Jack Lemmon, Marilyn Monroe, and Tony Curtis. Architect Lloyd Ruocco founds what will become Citizens Coordinate for Century 3 environmental group.

City of San Diego population is 573,224. San Diego County population is 1,033,011.
State approves proposition to deliver water from northern California as far south as San Diego.

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