Bring Summertime Indoors

Bring Summertime indoors 

Summer in San Diego hasn’t really started and the San Diego summer usually lasts into October. So, there’s still time to bring summer indoors.

Bringing summer indoors is a great way to beat the heat and enjoy the best of the season from the comfort of your home. The summer months are a time for no frills and an airy and light look can be achieved with a few decorating tips. So take some inspiration from the outdoors and adopt these tips as a way to give your home that summery look.

1. Crisp white or linen slip covers: Update the look of your furniture inexpensively with a slip cover that will brighten the appeal of your room, especially if you add a few throw pillows that capture imagery of the season, such as the pale blues of the ocean.

2. Beach theme: Furniture updated with a crisp white/linen slip cover could be enhanced by a beach-themed centerpiece for your dining room table or coffee table. Sea shells and white candles pleasantly arranged will add an extra summery touch.

3. Bedroom makeover: With warm weather, your heavy duvet or comforter can be stored away and replaced with a lighter quilt as a way to cheaply give your room a new look.

4. Repurpose household items as wall décor: For example, a cute set of mismatched but complementary plates can be hung on a wall to freshen up a previously blank use of wall space.

5. Let the light in: Heavy drapes and curtains don’t capture the spirit of the season; instead, window treatments that are sheer and light and airy will diffuse the summer sun. Cotton, linen, or woven textures can be used to replace dark curtains in the summer months.

6. Organic elements: Touches of nature found in décor are a special way to bring outdoor touches to the indoors. For example, a decorative piece of driftwood or even chairs made of woven material have an organic element.

7. Accent wall: Blues, yellows, and greens will transport you outside and splashing color on an accent wall can bring a new burst of energy to an otherwise stale look.

8. Plants: It may be sweltering outside, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a little greenery while indoors. A few indoor plants are an inexpensive way to bring nature to your doorstep.

9. Say goodbye to clutter: A bright and airy summery look can’t be achieved with clutter in the way, so summer is as good a time as any to clear belongings that put a damper on the clean, fresh look.

10. Citrusy: A vase can be spruced up with a touch of summer by adding sliced (or whole) lemons or limes to the water to complement your floral arrangement.

(Article from California Association of Realtors®)

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