If These Walls Could Talk…

Pamo-Front-Full View-Exterior

The house welcomed new owners in 1926.  The Taylors would keep it in the family until 1944.  One of these days I will do some research on this family and share tidbits of their history with you.  Work is coming along nicely, we are about six weeks out from final sign-off by the City!  Notice the new chimney and fireplace? The lovely new arches?  New walls have appeared and are ready to talk!

Enjoy the latest slide show:

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Here are some milestones that occurred in San Diego between 1926-1944 as shared by the San Diego History Center.  To see photos of these events and read biographies of influential people visit their website:

1927: Charles Lindbergh successfully begins his trans-Atlantic flight from the Dutch Flats in San Diego.

1928: George Marston creates the San Diego Historical Society and hires William Templeton Johnson to design the Junipero Serra Museum.

1929: The Junipero Serra Museum opens to the public, housing the Historical Society’s collection.

1931: State Normal School moves from Normal Street to present location in East San Diego.

1934: Marine Fleet Force expands to Camp Kearny renaming it Camp Holcomb.

1935: Plans announced to host a second world exposition in Balboa Park.  The California-Pacifica Exposition highlighted Progress of Man and advances in technology, industry and business.  Plans are submitted by Louis Gill to construct the County Administration along the waterfront.

1938: County Civic Center is completed.  Franklin D. Roosevelt comes to San Diego for the dedication of the facility.

1940: McNeil & Zoss are contracted by the government to build 3,000 homes in 300 days for $9 million dollars.  This community becomes knows as Linda Vista.

1941: Pearl Harbor is bombed.  Within 24 hours San Diego prepares for possible invasion by air.

1942: Naval Hospital in Balboa Park is fully operational.  Remaining exhibition halls from the 1935 Exposition are converted into hospital wards and nurses dormitories.  Area became know as Camp Kidd named after Admiral Isaac C. Kidd, who died at Pearl Harbor.

1942-1945: Navajo Code Talkers involved in all assault activities conducted by the Marines in WWII.  Code Talkers stationed at Camp Elliott.

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