If These Walls Could Talk..

Pamo House

This little house would change hands quite a bit early in its life. The plot thickens sometime in 1924 when the Whitney’s, likely falling on hard times,  transfer ownership to Helyn Trumer Young and then in 1926 she transfers title to Matthews E. Trumer and Myrtle Trumer.  Unfortunately, preliminary research into Helyn’s past leads us to more questions than answers.  It does appears she was born in Illinois in 1902 and likely died here in San Diego in 1991  She may have divorced and remarried and her relationship to Matthews and Myrtle is not yet clear. In any case, the house did not stay in Trumer-Young hands for long. Join me for our next episode as a new owner appears on the scene . . .

Here are some milestones that occurred in San Diego between 1924-1925 as shared by the San Diego History Center.  To see photos of these events and read biographies of influential people visit their website:

1923 Marine Corps Recruit Depot opens.  Naval Training  Center on Point Loma is commissioned, manned by just 10 officers. Proposed in  1916 by William Kettner, it had gained  support of Franklin D. Roosevelt, Assistant Secretary of Navy, when he visited  San Diego during the Panama-California Exposition.

1924 Creole Palace, “Harlem of the West”, opens at Hotel Douglas,  popular jazz spot into 1950s, demolished in 1985.

1924 California Western begins as Balboa Law College, the first  law school in San Diego.

July 4, 1925 Mission Beach Amusement Center (now Belmont Park)  opens. The Giant Dipper roller coaster is a popular attraction.

November 25, 1925 burns down, just prior to the holding of a Fireman’s Ball.  This was one of the major 1915 Exposition Buildings in Balboa Park. It was  replaced by the Natural History Museum.

1925 George W. Marston purchases land on Presidio hill to preserve the historic site of California’s  birthplace.

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New concrete has been poured and framing is complete!  Enjoy a new photo tour.

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