Make your money work for you around your house!

There are several ways you can use your money to assist you around the house. These 10 nifty ideas come from those creative folks at This Old House magazine!

1) Hang a cabinet door.  Before fastening hinges to a cabinet, ensure there will be enough clearance along the bottom for the door to swing freely by resting it on a nickel during installation.

2) Tighten a screw. A dime is just the right width to drive a standard slotted screw, making it a thrifty stand-in for a flathead screwdriver.

3) Space tile.When setting tile, place pennies on end between the corners of each piece for spacers that are easy to remove.

4) Temporarily fix a wobble. Set a coin pr two under the short leg of a shaky table to keep it from rocking until you can come up with a more permanent fix.

5) Straighten drapes. Instead of spending on store-bought drapery weights, tuck some pennies inside the bottom hem of a wayward curtains to encourage them to hang evenly.

6) Make a doorstop. For a weight that will keep a door open, empty a few handfuls of pennies into a small canvas bag and tie it closed with colorful ribbon or twine.

7) Test tire treads. Place a quarter upside down in one of the grooves.  If it just touches George Washington’s head, the tread’s depth is only 1/8 inch, and it is probably time for a new tire.

8) Pop a top. Slip a quarter under the snap-on lid of plastic containers, such as those that hold epoxy, patching compound and drywall, to help pry them open.

9) Take a quick measurement. Don’t have a ruler on hand? A quarter’s diameter is just under 1 inch, a penny’s is exactly 3/4 inch.

10) Fluff carpet. Steam indents made by furniture, then scrape the edge of a coin across the pile to revive it.

If you need a house to practice these nifty projects on don’t forget to contact me!