Ready to build your wealth in 2012?

My goal for you in this new year is to live happier and more at peace, especially around money.  Let’s start with this interesting quiz  designed by Dr. Barbara Cox.  Answer yes or no quickly, without ‘analyzing’ your answers.

1. I enjoy saving money.

2. I am very optimistic about my financial future.

3. It is ok to do better (financially) than my parents.

4. It’s ok to spend less than I earn.

5. I always have enough money.

6. I can be very successful with money.

7. I am responsible for my financial wellness.

8. I have to work hard to justify my existence.

This is a shorter version of the quiz Dr. Cox gives her coaching clients.  Notice any new insights and realizations? These questions are a tool to uncover hidden beliefs which may hold you back from saving, investing, asking for a promotion, and being at peace with money.

To learn how to change negative money beliefs and pick up other useful tools like this to building wealth, please join us for the ‘Be Money Wise’ Seminar Series – I guarantee you will find it time well spent!